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Modern education is increasingly reliant on new technologies that optimize productivity and security to help educators instruct students more efficiently and effectively in any learning environment. 

Fortunately, Carahsoft’s best-of-breed portfolio of EdTech providers features purpose-built solutions for education, including learning management systems, school security and equipment, content management and data analytics, workforce readiness, hybrid learning and collaboration, and funding services for schools. These solutions are designed specifically to address the flexibility necessary to deliver what schools need when they need it.

Now is your chance to explore some of these solutions through the exclusive webinar library below.

How to Take Higher Education to the Next Level with Intelligent Automation

Hear the perspectives from top industry voices, including the CIO of Georgia Southern University, the CTO of Texas Associate Commissioner for Higher Ed, and the Board Director for the State of Virginia’s HEI RPA Community of Practice on how they see the adoption of Intelligent Automation in Higher Education evolving, key areas to target, core technologies to consider, critical success factors, and lessons learned.

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Generative AI Workshop for Higher Education

Hear experts from the Google Cloud team share how Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help higher education institutions increase engagement with their students, improve institutional operations, and optimize research workloads. They will share relevant trends in education and research, while highlighting compelling customer stories. Bring your whole team and start the discussion of how you can use Google Cloud AI to build innovative solutions to your work challenges.

ABC's of Gen AI

Gain insights from three Machine Learning Engineers from Harvard University as they explore the transformative power of AI in public sector innovation. They’ll showcase the remarkable potential of machine learning in the educational sector. Learn how AI can predict student outcomes, automate administrative tasks and uncover valuable patterns from vast datasets. The impact of these Alteryx Automations are profound and far-reaching.

Automation for Beginners, Geniuses...and Everyone Else

Automation is about helping everyone do their jobs more effectively and efficiently by removing the toil and drudgery of monotonous, day-to-day tasks and empowering employees to focus on more challenging and rewarding tasks. Building on these fundamentals, enterprise-wide IT automation sets its sights higher, helping schools function in a more orderly and streamlined fashion. Learn why automation benefits everyone from beginners to geniuses and everyone in between.

Improving University Relevance with AI & Supporting Departments in Their Growing Need for AI

Universities require tools and software to continue supporting their departments’ growth, create safer campuses, and provide better services to their students and alumni while reducing their monthly costs. Hear leaders from HPE, NVIDIA, and VMware discuss how together, they can help you do just that! Learn how sharing AI infrastructure & AI software tools amongst departments will improve department competitiveness.

2022 EdTech Talks

IT experts and innovators from more than 20 leading EdTech organizations took the virtual stage for Carahsoft's EdTech Talks 2022 – a three-day series designed to inform leaders about the performance, cost-saving and security benefits of today’s leading education technology solutions. Explore the benefits of implementing technology in universities and K-12 schools to help support a seamless and secure learning experience for students, parents and educators alike.

Register here for the 2023 series, October 31 - November 2!

The Trusted Public Sector IT Solutions Provider®

Carahsoft’s technology manufacturers and reseller partners are committed to providing IT products, services and training to support Government agencies as well as Healthcare and Education organizations. Carahsoft is a leading IT distributor and top-performing E&I Cooperative Services, Golden State Technology Solutions, Internet2, NJSBA, OMNIA Partners and The Quilt contract holder, enhancing student learning and enabling faculty to meet the needs of Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools.

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