Empower Your Agency With the Latest in AI Solutions for the Public Sector

Government agencies are responsible for leveraging data to make critical decisions that impact anything ranging from the daily lives of citizens to matters of national security. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and High-Performance Computing (HPC), the public sector can efficiently and securely manage data while ensuring compliance is maintained.

Fortunately, Carahsoft has partnered with best-of-breed AI, ML and HPC capability innovators to help government agencies connect to technology and industry partners who offer an array of solutions that fulfill mission needs. These solutions can help agencies harness information and insights to improve mission-critical decisions.

Now is your chance to explore these solutions through the exclusive webinar library below.

AI Inference Workloads: Overcoming Challenges of Taking AI to Production

AI and ML Ops engineers in Federal agencies often struggle to deploy models on GPUs. Most Al research initiatives never make it to production. Learn how your agency can overcome the challenges associated with new hardware-accelerated AI modeling practices and discover how traditional best practices have evolved to become more efficient.

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The Rise of Smart Spaces: Transforming Infrastructure With AI Video Analytics

Automation within the world’s spaces helps improve safety and increase operational efficiency. With computer vision, transit agencies can change the dynamic by turning their existing camera networks into AI smart detection and response platforms to rapidly improve safety and security. Explore end-to-end solutions for AI-enabled video analytics which are transforming current infrastructure into smart spaces.

How to Use AI to Accelerate Geospatial Intelligence Production

Defense satellite imagery production has increased exponentially, yet imagery analysis has not been able to keep up. Today, visual intelligence production often requires a range of complex tools and tedious workflows to produce usable information. With automatic object and condition detections, AI can condense workflows and return the initiative to the analyst. Learn how AI can be used to accelerate geospatial intelligence production.

Accelerating Trusted and Responsible AI in the DoD and IC

The race is on for U.S. Defense and Intelligence communities to accelerate the implementation of responsible AI. Andrew Spage, CalypsoAI's VP of Solution Architecture, discusses how independent testing and validation drives mission success for the U.S. Government, as well as an explanation of the work that CalypsoAI has done so far with its government partners. 

Data In Motion to Accelerate Your Mission

Effective data movement within Federal agencies fosters better decision making and increased citizen transparency. By harnessing data in motion, government data leaders can turn yesterday’s data challenges into tomorrow’s agency-defining opportunities. Learn how a cohesive enterprise data strategy that fosters data movement with built-in analytics and AI can help agencies securely harness their data and improve mission outcomes.

Hyper-Automation and the Business of Government

How exactly does the government achieve more with considerably fewer dollars, people, resources and time? By leveraging end-to-end enterprise automation with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the government can scale limited resources and time to dramatically improve the citizen, employee, and management experience. Learn how Hyper-Automation saves time and money in the business of government.

The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®

Carahsoft is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®. Our technology manufacturers and reseller partners are committed to providing IT products, services and training to support Government agencies as well as Healthcare and Education organizations. As the Master Government Aggregator®, Carahsoft holds over 100 State contracts and cooperative purchasing vehicles, including NASPO ValuePoint, OMNIA Partners, PEPPM and GSA, to meet the technology needs of Government agencies across the U.S.

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