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Count on Adobe for All Your Agency's eLearning Needs

As government agencies and public sector organizations implement large-scale online learning initiatives, Adobe offers a range of FedRAMP authorized tools, including Adobe Connect virtual classrooms and Adobe Captivate Prime learning management systems (LMS), that support secure, collaborative learning anywhere.

Here are a few webinars to help get you started.

2020 Trends in eLearning

Whether you teach 10 people or 10,000, you'll benefit from knowing how to incorporate new and trending strategies into your training materials. Watch this exclusive access webinar to discover the top six trends in eLearning in 2020 and how Adobe eLearning tools can help you implement them. Now is the perfect time to refresh your training course and curriculums.

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Remote Learning with Adobe Connect

While technology enables organizations to move their classrooms online, creating effective virtual classrooms requires instructors to design sessions around their learning objectives. Watch this exclusive access webinar on delivering engaging remote learning with Adobe Connect.

Let's Take This Online: Transferring In-Person Trainings to Virtual Classrooms

Have you been hesitant to make the switch to virtual classrooms? Moving training online can prove challenging, requiring organizations and instructors to create an engaging virtual environment. Adobe Connect is empowering users to deliver virtual training sessions that rival any in-person learning experience.

Making Learning Secured

Continuously training your workforce is vital to upgrading their skills and pushing your agency forward. To do that, you need a learning management system (LMS) built for your government trainees. Adobe Captivate Prime is an award-winning, cloud-based LMS that delivers an enhanced learning experience for your government learners.

A Learning Management System (LMS) Without Limits

The learner experience (LX) is more important than ever. Your learners want to learn on their terms, not on the terms of your learning management system (LMS). To make sure it's efficient and effective, your LMS must be familiar, intuitive, and streamlined for the learners themselves.

Adobe Flash End-of-Life: An Overview

Most eLearning content is based on the technology of Adobe Flash, but by the end of 2020, Adobe will stop supporting Flash and Flash Player. Watch this webinar to learn how to transfer your eLearning content over from Adobe Flash and discover the endless possibilities of HTML5.

Adobe revolutionizes how agencies engage with ideas and information by transforming and extending government services to provide a richer, more productive, and trusted experience with constituents, agency personnel, and the military. Ready to get started?

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