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Vaccine distribution and allocation via your state’s Department of Health is a critical step toward containing the COVID-19 virus but one that is fraught with scale and operational challenges. Carahsoft and their solutions partners have put together a collection of exclusive public sector webinars to help you successfully navigate through the vaccine distribution process.

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Exclusive Public Sector Webinar Collection

Carahsoft's partners have the vaccine technology solutions you are looking for. Here are 6 webinars to help your agency find the answers to these challenges and more.

Intelligent Vaccine Impact Platform on Google Cloud

  • Implement scheduling systems and processes to assist with matching vaccine doses with eligible groups of people
  • Use data to assess hotspots and perform equitable distribution
  • Use Machine Learning based forecasting to plan for the availability of essential assets


Lessons Learned from Vaccine Management

  • How public health agencies are managing inoculations on the cloud
  • Solutions for governments to coordinate safe and efficient vaccine programs at scale
  • Lessons learned in organizing public health agencies' vaccine programs


The COVID Continuum: Using What We've Learned to Prepare for the Future

  • Vaccine inventory, registration, scheduling, and more
  • How existing tools and technologies can be redeployed to aid with future COVID challenges
  • What this all means for a safe and effective return to work


Rapid Vaccine Management at Scale

  • How integration plays a key role in connecting with EHRs, Immunization Information Systems (IIS), and key back-end systems
  • IT challenges associated with standing up and managing a vaccine management program
  • Specific vaccine management integration needs


Vaccine Distribution: Quicker & Smarter with RPA

  • How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) drives speed and accuracy in vaccine distribution
  • How to get started with RPA to address challenges related to vaccine distribution
  • The top 6 ways RPA has been used to help with vaccine distribution including regulatory reporting, scheduling, supply chain management, and more


The COVID-19 Vaccine and Beyond

  • Common search queries about the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Key components to successfully launching and providing reliable, easy-to-find answers with direct calls to action to accelerate community trust 
  • How and why the State of New Jersey Office of Innovation built a trusted source of information for navigating the pandemic


“The more people get vaccinated, the faster we're gonna beat this pandemic. ... I indicated that my goal was to get 100 million Covid vaccine shots in people's arms in my first 100 days as President.”
— President Joe Biden

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