Explore Healthcare IT Solutions to Optimize Your Patient Care and Technology Environment

Today’s leading healthcare organizations and agencies are harnessing the power of telehealth platforms and cutting-edge technology solutions to combat COVID-19, healthcare inequality and other challenges to modernization. As the healthcare industry continuously evolves, reliable technology solutions are critical to improving patient care, interoperability and efficiency.

Fortunately, Carahsoft has partnered with leading healthcare technology solution providers to help organizations increase productivity and administrative efficiencies by decreasing paperwork, enabling real-time communication of health informatics and much more.  

Solving Public Sector Health Challenges with AI

Learn how government agencies such as the VA, DHA, and State Government health organizations are helping solve some of our nation's most critical health-related issues. These include how to provide healthcare and benefit service to the 26 million veterans, spouses, survivors, and departments, how to expedite medical services to our forward-deployed soldiers and much more.

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It's All About the Brand: Keeping Your Facility's Reputation Safe

The healthcare sector's widespread use of legacy devices and massive amounts of stored Protected Healthcare Information (PHI), makes the industry an environment ripe for threat actors. A microsegmentation posture can empower healthcare and pharma cybersecurity professionals to remain steps ahead of ransomware attacks. Explore how ransomware is growing within the healthcare sector and what can be done to stop it in its tracks.

Science of Visual Analysis for the Department of Health and Human Services

Visual analysis in an iterative process for working with data that leverages the power of the human visual system. The formal core of visual analysis is the mapping of data to appropriate visual representations, but what exactly engages an audience effectively? Learn the basic principles of data visualization which include best practices to create a self-service data analytics culture that helps achieve the goals of Health and Human Services.

Accelerating Biomedical Discovery Using Google Cloud and Terra

The Terra platform has the power to transform your research with scalable and flexible workflows. Learn how the NIH's All of Us Research Program is creating one of the largest, most diverse biomedical datasets accessible through the All of Us Researcher Workbench, a secure, Google cloud-based platform, where researchers can access a wide variety of data from 370,000+ program participants.

Mitigating Fraud, Waste & Abuse with Responsible AI

Walk through how to mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse using Artificial Intelligence. Learn how to incorporate Responsible AI practices such as fairness metrics and bias mitigation in real-world healthcare use cases and how federated learning can be used to protect sensitive personal data while still enabling successful Machine Learning healthcare models to be trained.

Building Trust Between Public Health and Public Safety

Due to data privacy controls in healthcare facilities, current data sharing methods lack proper security and information access which prevents public agencies from making quick, informed decisions. There is a need for streamlined processes that allow law enforcement agencies to collaborate with treatment providers and health departments. Explore the innovative encryption technologies that improve policies and their enforcement to deliver healthcare data access and security.

The Trusted Public Sector IT Solutions Provider®

Carahsoft’s technology manufacturers and reseller partners are committed to providing IT products, services and training to support Government agencies as well as Healthcare organizations. Carahsoft Technology Corp. offers an innovative portfolio of healthcare technology solutions that improve the overall quality, safety and effectiveness of health delivery systems.

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