Count on Carahsoft for All Your Election Security and Public Sector DevSecOps Needs

As government agencies continue to look for election security and DevSecOps solutions, Carahsoft and their vendor partners are pleased to deliver best-of-breed hardware, software, and support solutions addressing the challenges facing today's public sector.

Here are a few exclusive webinars to help get you started.

Maintain the Integrity of Election Systems

Palo Alto Networks helps to ensure the security of our elections and the systems that support our voting process. Their automated tools perform baseline network security posture audits of existing users, applications, and traffic patterns to ensure that what is on those networks is intended to be on those networks.

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Secure Your Election Systems

Free and fair elections are a central pillar of American democracy. U. S. citizens have the right to choose their own political destiny, but today that right is being threatened by forces attempting to shift the balance of power in their favor, undermining confidence in election results. Subsequently, election security is becoming paramount to sustaining our nation's values.

Cloud Native Databases Done Right

Anybody can containerize a stateless application and deploy it on Red Hat OpenShift. But databases are different. They are stateful - which means a whole new set of challenges for high availability. During this webinar, learn how EnterpriseDB (EDB) has solved this challenge by combining the best of open source Postgres with needed enterprise features. The session will conclude with a live demo on Red Hat’s OpenShift cloud platform.

Modernize Your Applications with VMware Tanzu

Modern applications are being deployed in hours instead of days or weeks with container and VM orchestration. VMware Tanzu has been accelerating application development and enabling enterprises to pave the path for micro services, but are you ready to deploy and operationalize an infrastructure capable of building, managing, and running modern applications? 

DevSecOps in a Mission-Critical Environment

Join John Morello, Palo Alto Networks' VP of Twistlock, and Marc Harrington, F-35 Software Architect of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Reprogramming Enterprise, as they discuss how they have dealt with legacy challenges and how moving to the cloud has transformed application development practices.

Innovate, Modernize, and Captivate Apps with VMware Tanzu

Join this webcast featuring VMware Tanzu's CTO, James Watters, and VP of Products and Strategy, Craig McLuckie, as they showcase the latest enhancements to the industry's most complete portfolio for application modernization. 

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Carahsoft serves as the Master Government Aggregator™ and distributor for the industry’s leading manufacturers. No matter the technology challenge your agency is facing, Carahsoft has the solution.

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