Free Splunk & Carahsoft Webinar | Machine Learning DHA & VA


How Can DHA & VA Use AI For Better Efficiency & User Experience?


In This Free Webinar You'll Learn...

  • What Splunk is & how infinite capabilities beyond being a security tool turn all data into clear answers & increased effciency.  
  • How Splunk is deployed across DHA & VA for a variety of use cases.  
  • How Splunk helps create a better user experience using data from customer service, security, social media, user behavior & more!

Splunk in the Public Sector

Real-Time Visibility

Automate the collection, indexing, and alerting of machine data that is critical to your operations. React instantly to your data with visualized metrics. Convert logs into metrics and boost search and monitoring performance as well as alerting functions.

Data Source Agnostic

Your organization's digital evolution involves managing all the data - regardless of the data source or type. Uncover the actionable insights from all your data - no matter the source of format.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage the strength of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve IT, security, make proactive business decisions and therefore, better business outcomes.

Watch The Webinar Today

Learn how DHA & VA can utilize all of the above (and more) to better scale, adapt and analyze using machine learning!

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