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The pace and impact of cyberattacks on State and Local Government and critical infrastructure IT systems have accelerated over the past several years. Fortunately, Carahsoft has partnered with leading cybersecurity providers to offer State and Local Government entities cost-effective and proven solutions.

Hear from the experts as they guide you through the security threats challenging the Government community and what your organization needs to know to stay efficient, effective, and safe.

Minimizing Risk from Cyber Threats: Focus on Reducing Time to Containment

Security teams work hard on the front lines to identify, analyze, and mitigate threats. Yet despite all efforts, visibility into malicious activity remains challenging as the meantime to identify a security breach is still 197 days, with the meantime to containment being another 69 days after initial detection. Join SentinelOne to learn how to reduce your organization's security risk exposure, including the time to containment and remediation.

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Protect and Defend Your Most Sensitive Data

Trustwave experts invite you to learn how to implement a proven database security approach and to understand and remediate against database risk. Explore why security technology that is not purpose-built for databases is not enough to protect against breach and exfiltration, and gain insight on how attackers target database weaknesses for more than just stealing data.

Strong Security Starts With Strong IT Ops Practices

Splunk ITSI is a premium analytics solution that correlates and applies machine learning to infrastructure, application, and business data for 360° service monitoring, predictive analytics, and streamlined incident management. Join Splunk experts to learn how to kick start IT operations visibility and how to maximize data re-use within your current Splunk instance/infrastructure.

Ransomware Decrypted: Using Microsegmentation to Take Back Your Power

Join Brian Dennis, principal technologist for public sector at Akamai, and Douglas Holland, senior solutions engineer at Akamai, for a deep-dive into the concepts surrounding microsegmentation and how it is the unsung hero of reducing ransomware risk. Learn how microsegmentation is helping agencies make strides towards zero trust and how to decrease the severity and recovery time of ransomware events.

Adopting Collective Defense to Respond to Cybersecurity Attacks on Government Networks

Joel Bork, senior threat hunter at IronNet, explains the importance of stopping cyberattacks before the damage is done. With cyber attackers becoming more aggressive and powerful, having the proper security in place is crucial. With IronNet's Collective Defense, a collaborative approach that knits together an organization's existing cybersecurity tools, agencies are able to get ahead of cyber attackers.

Banking on Cyber Threat Intelligence

Attackers have more aggressively pivoted their targets and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to broaden their impact affecting the Financial Services sector and its customers. Watch as Senior Mandiant Intelligence Advisor, Greg Kapourellos discusses the state of cybersecurity in Financial Services including the latest trends, top threats, net attack techniques and more.

The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®

Carahsoft is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®. Our technology manufacturers and reseller partners are committed to providing IT products, services and training to support Government agencies as well as Healthcare and Education organizations. As the Master Government Aggregator®, Carahsoft holds over 100 State contracts and cooperative purchasing vehicles, including NASPO ValuePoint, OMNIA Partners, PEPPM and GSA, to meet the technology needs of State and Local Governments across the U.S.

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