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Zero Trust cybersecurity approaches treat all network traffic as untrusted in an effort to prevent unauthorized access to data and services. The shift to Zero Trust architectures is intended to increase protection of critical information and reduce risk to national security. In many cases, the path to implementing Zero Trust concepts requires fundamental changes to organizations’ cybersecurity strategy. Many models of Zero Trust maturity have emerged, including publications from NIST, DoD, and CISA. 

Hear from the experts as they guide you through the security threats challenging the Government community and what
products and services can help organizations operationalize Zero Trust networks.

Breaking Down Zero Trust Strategies with Leading Minds in Cybersecurity

Join experts from Okta, Zscaler, Splunk and AWS as they share their unique perspectives and guidance across all pillars of Zero Trust. They'll explain how these critical solutions work together to transition your agency to a Zero Trust architecture. This session was designed to provide you with the answers and advice you need from the industry experts who live it every day.

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Putting Trust in Zero Trust

Are you a cybersecurity leader looking for guidance on how to implement a move to a Zero Trust architecture in accordance with NIST guidelines? The NIST Special Publication defines standards that should be followed when creating a migration road map to Zero Trust. Gain insight into Zero Trust and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) by joining Paul Martini, CEO and Co-Founder of iboss, in this webinar.

The Pillars to a Zero Trust Network

Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access framework specifically addresses challenges by shifting the fundamental paradigm open networks built around inherent trust to a Zero Trust framework. When you automatically extend trust to any device or user in your network, you put your organization at risk, intentionally or not. Learn how Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access approach provides the framework and tools to understand how and what is on your network.

Adaptive Zero Trust Security for Multi-Level Networks

Zero Trust is an architecture that many agencies are moving toward to modernize their security approach. Zero Trust focuses on protecting resources - not network segments - and now more than ever, users and their identities play a pivotal role in a Zero Trust framework. Discover the latest industry guidance for Zero Trust security architectures and learn best practices for how Zero Trust should be implemented.

A Zero Trust Approach to Secure Operational Technology (OT) Systems

Agencies working in converged IT/OT industrial environments must achieve complete visibility, security, and control of operations, and they must understand what third-party vendors (suppliers/contractors) and internal privileged users (operators/admins/remote workers) are doing with their access. BeyondTrust and Tenable partner to empower agencies to close their OT cybersecurity exposure gap and achieve Zero Trust security goals.

You're Closer to Zero Trust Than You Think

Zero Trust is a philosophy change, not a product change. It’s about taking what organizations already have and adapting the tools to be used more effectively. Creating a Zero Trust architecture isn’t always so simple, and it’s more of a journey than an end-goal. The challenges many agencies are facing today include where to start, how to prioritize, and most importantly how to map out a plan and framework that is achievable for their use cases. Hear solutions to these challenges and more!

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