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The New Standard of Security

Carahsoft has partnered with leading cybersecurity technology providers to provide agencies with solutions needed to implement a Zero Trust framework. Our solutions help agencies with the key components required for their Zero Trust journey. These include Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity and Access Management, Governance, and Endpoint Security technology to verify that users are authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before being granted access to applications or data.

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Exclusive Public Sector Webinar Collection

Carahsoft's partners have the Zero Trust technology solutions you are looking for. Here are 6 webinars to help your agency find the answers to these challenges and more.

Zero Trust and the Pentagon’s Identity-Centric Security Roadmap

  • Understand why privilege protection, least privilege, and identity management are foundational to reducing your attack surface
  • Discuss roadblocks to Zero Trust, like legacy architectures, and how to overcome them
  • Learn how Zero Trust helps DoD agencies achieve ICAM cybersecurity goals


HashiCorp Vault + Venafi: Scaling in Production

  • Learn how HashiCorp Vault and Venafi can increase your Zero Trust security posture, establish policy and compliance guardrails
  • Learn the three design patterns used by organizations in production
  • Understand the differences between each, and how they might apply to your infrastructure


You Can't Secure What You Can't See

  • Discuss how the Forward Networks Platform is being used to prove Zero Trust within the public sector
  • Learn about the tools to ensure automated compliance
  • Discover how to ensure isolation between segments of your network


The Future of Secure Remote Access

  • Learn how to rethink your use of VPNs and shift to a more modern approach to remote access
  • Discover how you can apply government guidance on Zero Trust to your own efforts
  • Find out how Google can help government organizations accelerate the adoption of Zero Trust


CyberArk's Zero Trust in a Post-COVID World

  • Get the tools to verify every user with strong, context-aware, multi-factor authentication that mitigates the risk of stolen passwords
  • Learn how to validate every device and only allow registered devices with good security posture to access resources
  • Discover how to keep your endpoints secure - from servers to workstations to remote devices


Adaptive Zero Trust Security for Multi-Level Networks

  • Review the latest industry guidance for Zero Trust security architectures
  • Discuss best practices for how Zero Trust should be implemented
  • Discover why evaluating behavioral attributes is an important component to a Zero Trust Architecture


“A zero trust network is one in which no person, device, or network enjoys inherent trust. All trust, which allows access to information, must be earned, and the first step of that is demonstrating valid identity. A system needs to know who you are, confidently, before it can determine what you should have access to."
— Google Cloud

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