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The New Standard of Security

Carahsoft has partnered with leading cybersecurity technology providers to provide agencies with solutions needed to implement a Zero Trust framework. These include Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity and Access Management, Governance, and Endpoint Security technology to verify that users are authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before being granted access to applications or data.

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Exclusive Public Sector Webinar Collection

Carahsoft's partners have the Zero Trust technology solutions you are looking for. Here are 6 webinars to help your agency find the answers to these challenges and more.

Zero Trust Starts with Identity Management

  • Understand why identity and access management are becoming far more important than ever before
  • Discuss best practices for integrating and using system and user identities in Zero Trust systems
  • Learn how the Zero Trust model is moving authentication and authorization closer to the systems and data that need to be protected


Improve Cyber Defense & Move Towards Zero Trust

  • Discuss “Zero Trust” and how ARP and PAM enable a ZTA
  • Review the American Rescue Plan to understand how your agency can use funds now
  • Analyze how and why Privilege Management plays an increasingly crucial role in mitigating cyber-attacks and protecting CI


Collaboration & Zero Trust in a Volatile World

  • Review the pillars for a collaborative & interoperable Zero Trust Identity Architecture (ZTA)
  • Learn how to reduce risk and provide scalable, consistent, and frictionless access
  • Discuss best practices and lessons learned from forced telework and how to plan for the future


Zero Trust Security for the Digital Workspace

  • Learn how Zero Trust for End-User Computing can be enabled for your digital workspace environment
  • Discover how real-time and continuous monitoring with visibility into the entire digital workspace can proactively secure the known and unknown
  • Explore how to enable continuous verification with user risk score based on device context and user behavior


How to Implement an Effective Zero Trust Strategy

  • Review how the current pandemic climate is impacting national security and what this means for your agency
  • Discuss how to build a security infrastructure that ensures protection across the enterprise and out to the edge
  • Learn how to design a road map for implementing Zero Trust to work with your legacy systems today


Securing the Remote Teleworker: From the End User to the Datacenter

  • Discuss how agencies must re-examine the technology stack used to support mobile and remote employees
  • Discover how to decrease the attack surface using Zero Trust architecture to only allow known-good applications to run
  • Learn how to detect unusual or suspicious behaviors with unfiltered telemetry and analytics on your GFE and non-GFE activity


Zero Trust is a critical element to maintaining security and privacy (in many products, including collaboration tools) because of its dynamic and thorough nature. It is especially important for architects to embrace Zero Trust because it needs to be built into the core design of a product in order to be truly effective.
— Red Hat

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